The new Mario Costa website

new site 2

If you are reading this post it is because you are browsing through the pages of our website.

This "place" is designed to virtually welcome you and take you inside our winery, to introduce you to our history, which speaks of ancient places, tradition, but also of the environment, the future and hopes.

Now you can visit our vineyards and discover the differences and peculiarities of our plots, as well as find all our production, from the Petali line where you will find our Barberda d'Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo, Langhe Rosso, Roero Arneis, Animé bianco and the brand new Ancant rosé. Then we move on to the Superiore section where you will find S-ciass Barnera d'Alba Superiore, Sclint Langhe Rosso, Cianin da Stiva, Nebbiolo d'Alba Superiore, Batistin Roero, Miladui Roero Arneis and Vijé Langhe Bianco. To finish with the Selections in which you will learn about Barbera d'Alba Superio Mario Costa and Goj, passito from overripe grapes.

Some sections are still being created, others are incomplete, but the design is already clear and that is why we have put it online. You will be able to book your wine tastings online. You will be kept up to date on new initiatives and upcoming events and much more, including buying our wines, whether you are a private individual, a restaurant or a business.

In this space we will publish news and updates on the world of wine, our products and the various stages of processing.

Follow us: happy browsing and a toast!