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The Costa family.Tradition & Innovation

We firmly believe that the heart and mind are indispensable tools for achieving a perfect product. From hand pruning and treatments, through wire tying and twisting, to the rituals of harvesting and winemaking. Even the most modern equipment is only a tool to help and not to replace them.


Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642)Wine is a compound of mood and light

From Roero, land of great wines.Our lines

We produce three different lines of wines, each inspired by a different idea of 'taste'. I Petals, traditional and adhering to the purity of its varietals; the line Superiorline, through which we wanted to develop the basis for seeking results of excellence; the Selections with which we intend to further research quality.


Roero Arneis Mario Costa, Petali Line

Petals line

  • The spiritPetalias something extremely natural, delicate, perfect in its ever-changing forms, elegant. We have gathered all these perceptions and transferred them into the bottle: the purity of the Roero vines as well as the perfect exposure of our historical lands, to express the qualities of Arneis, Barbera and Nebbiolo at their best.
  • The winesThe "Petali" line consists of six wines: Ancant, rosé wine; Animé, petillant white wine; Roero Arneis, Langhe Rosso, Langhe Nebbiolo and Barbera d'Alba.
Nebbiolo d'Alba Superiore, Cianin da Stiva. Mario Costa, Canale.

Upper line

  • ThespiritWhile90% of a wine is made in the vineyard, understanding and respecting what nature provides, the 10% that is made in the cellar we put all our know-how and taste into the search for precise flavours, seeking a perfection that may be impossible but which constantly inspires us.
  • The winesThe"Superiore" line includes six wines: Vijé, Langhe Bianco; Miladui, Roero Arneis; Batistin, Roero; Cianin da Stiva, Nebbiolo d'Alba Superiore; Sclint, Langhe Rosso; S-ciass, Barbera d'Alba Superiore.
Barbera d'Alba Superiore Mario Costa, the Selections.


  • The spiritThe"Selections" line is intended to bring together wines somewhere between tradition and innovation, the key to which is care. We select the best grapes and work them in the cellar according to our art to obtain the product we have set ourselves, in search of particular and fascinating results.
  • WinesOnlytwo wines are included in the line: Barbera d'Alba Superiore Mario Costa and Goj, a raisin wine made from overripe grapes.

Mario Costa.The vineyards

The Roero is a unique terroir for great wines, both red and white. The landscape of marine origin is linked to the movement of the Tanaro river, which largely changed its bed through erosion processes that led to the formation of rocky crevices, (the famous rocche). Visit our photo gallery and discover the natural amphitheatre created by our vineyards.


Native crops.Varieties


Cultivated and known since 1400 in the Roero, it has been synonymous with white wine for centuries. A difficult and rebellious vine to cultivate, it ripens late and has a low acidity, but gives a tasty, elegant wine full of incredible aromas that give it an irresistible charm.


Barbera is the Piedmontese vine par excellence; its grapes, endowed with a high fixed acidity, are used and ductile in a wide range of wines. In the Barbera d'Alba, it is the Roero that plays the starring role, giving a wine with a bouquet of large flowers, good body, notes of plum and spices and a sharp but very pleasant acidity.


The Nebbiolo vine is the autochthonous Piedmontese vine par excellence. Delicate, difficult to cultivate: it matures slowly until November and is often harvested in the autumn fog. It is undoubtedly the most prized black grape variety, suitable for high quality ageing wines.

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    Love and respect for nature
    from generation to generation Mario Costa

    Tastings & Experiences.Visit us

    Follow our routes. Discover the tasting experiences that the Mario Costa Winery has prepared for you. Travel with us through the flavours of the Roero!


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