Environmental labeling


The information on the environmental label placed on the packaging-whether it is a food or non-food product-relates to the proper handling of waste from the packaging/container at the end of its use.
Where not present, the directions below apply to the proper disposal of the waste.
"Composite products" are defined as materials of any nature intended to contain certain goods, from raw materials to finished products.
Check on each component for the abbreviation or symbol found in the following table to define how to dispose of it. Also check the regulations of your municipality to make sure that the type of material provides for the disposal listed in the table as a general rule.

Cat. Material Code. Destination
Bottles Green glass GL 71 Glass collection
Caps Cork FOR 51 Dedicated waste collection
Capsules Heat shrinkable PVC capsule C/PVC 90 Plastic collection
Capsules Polylaminate capsule C/ALU 90 Aluminum collection
Capsules Shellac PI Undifferentiated waste
Cartons (for multiples of bottles) Cartoons PAP 20 Paper collection
Beehives (bottle separators for cartons) Hives with internal wave PAP 20/21 Paper collection
Bottle tissue Tissue/paper PAP 22 Paper collection
Wooden crates Wood FOR 50 Dedicated waste collection
Paper labels Labels are not subject to separate disposal from the glass bottle