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Azienda Agricola Mario Costa.We have been producing fine wines since 1952

The values of family and land, instilled every day in the work in the vineyards and in the cellar. For four generations, the Mario Costa farm has kept faith with the history and tradition of a territory, combining them with a passion for doing things well.



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Awareness of a Roero with a glorious past, but ready to transfigure itself into a future of balance between man and land.


The family is at the heart of the company. Tradition and passion are the qualities that have always characterised us.


Traceability, tradition and technology for true quality production. With an increasing focus on eco-sustainability, which is essential for looking to the future.

Winemakers since 1952.Our history

We firmly believe that to achieve a perfect product, heart and mind are indispensable tools.
From hand pruning and treatments, through wire tying and twisting, to the rituals of harvesting and winemaking.
Even the most modern equipment is only a tool to help and not to replace them.



mario costa the story 1952
Thefirst generationTheCosta Giuseppe farm wasfoundedwhen, with his wife Giuseppina Pelassa, he bought the first plots of land in the municipalities of Canale and Montà.
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MarioCostaMario, son of Giuseppe and Giuseppina, joined the company. He registered the company in his name and bought several historic plots of land in the company
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GiuseppeCostaGiuseppe Costa graduated fromthe Alba School of Enology and joined the company, specialising in agronomy and vineyards. He buys several plots of land particularly suitable for Arneis (locality Parere), Barbera (Pecetto and Renesio Montorone) and Nebbiolo (Pecetto). In 2010, after graduating from the Alba School of Oenology, Luca Costa joined the company and dedicated himself specifically to the oenological side of the winery, immediately focusing on innovation and new oenological technologies.
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LucaCostaDiplomatpat the Alba School of Enology, Luca also joined the company and immediately dedicated himself to the oenological side of the winery, focusing on innovation and new wine-making technologies.
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The Costa brothers at the helmJiuseppeand Luca take over the management of the company, which now becomes Azienda Agricola Mario Costa. The construction of commercial premises was completed, dedicated to reception and tasting, as well as new temperature-controlled warehouses for storing bottles. A phase of great expansion of the cellar began. Purchases of vineyards continued. Various initiatives to open up commercial activities on foreign markets (United States, Japan and Europe) were launched.

The vineyards

They cover an area between the villages of Canale and Montà, covering about 20 hectares nestled between powerful fortresses and reassuring hills.

The Costa family.A close-knit family, a really tight-knit team

Our history bears witness to the values we believe in

The Roero is its people
and we are an integral and vital part of it, who intend to preserve its tradition and look to the future with confidence. Mario, Laura, Luca and Giuseppe Costa
Blood in the veins and warmth, the same of our land and our vineyards. Customs of a Roero made up of people and agriculture. Technology, yes, but in a project where the person and the product remain the absolute protagonists.
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Mario Costa

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Giuseppe Costa

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Luca Costa

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Laura Costa