Roero Riserva Morinaldo

89Robert Parker 2023
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This Roero Riverva is characterised by spicy aromas of black berries and succulent black cherries. Medium-bodied and rich in tannins. It has a very complex floral bouquet with notes of violets. A wine particularly suitable for ageing.



100% Nebbiolo

Production area





280 m a.s.l.


South - East







Bottle format

75 cl

Data sheet Roero Riserva Morinaldo DOCG

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FeaturesTasting notes

Roero Riserva Morinaldo is a wine that combines the power and elegance of Nebbiolo. It is an intense ruby red wine with aromas of violets and ripe fruit. Our Roero Riserva also has an elegant tannin, perfect for long ageing.

Wine & FoodAbbinations

Roero Riserva Morinaldo goes perfectly with white meats (even tasty ones), pasta with meat filling, first courses with an intense flavour (such as gnocchi with Castelmagno cheese) and risottos; but - above all - red meat dishes in which the hint of game is not excessive.

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Everyone knows Barolo and Barbaresco, the two greatest incarnations of Nebbiolo in the land of the Langa. But the rising star that is deservedly conquering its own space, year after year, is Roero. In particular, its best declination, the Roero Riserva.

This is the name of the Nebbiolo-based DOCG that dominates all the lands on the left bank of the Tanaro river. Just as the Roero family once dominated. Who remained so much in possession of these lands that they bequeathed their name to these hills as well.

Roero is no less noble or long-lived. It is simply different. Yes, different wines, but always with extraordinary results.
In particular, Roero is capable of releasing both the aromas and the splendid suggestions that have made Nebbiolo immortal.
They are of an austere fruitiness... scents of roots, earth, mushrooms, leaves, violets. And of course those enchanting ethereal notes that have no equal.

The palate is - clearly - elegant, low in acidity and characterised by well-measured fruit. What is significantly different is the intensity of the tannins.
Much less powerful, abrupt and overbearing than one might suppose. So much so that the minimum ageing period for Roero is 20 months. 32 for the Riserva. It must be aged in wood for 6 months.