Langhe Red

93Luca Maroni 2019

Harvested by hand at the end of September, it is vinified through pressing and fermentation at a controlled temperature, followed by maceration in stainless steel for 5 days, with frequent pumping over and délestage. Aged for 6 months in bottle.



Native grape varieties of the area




250 - 300 m a.s.l.









Bottle format

750 cl

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FeaturesTasting notes

A deep ruby red wine with aromas of blackberry and black cherry. It is a full-bodied but delicate wine.


Wine & foodAbbinations

The wine should be served at 18 °C. It is perfect with boiled meat, roast meat and lamb.



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The name Langhe derives from the ancient name Mons Langa et Bassa Langa. It is a hilly area south and east of the Tanaro river, between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, in Piedmont.

Langhe Rosso is like an embrace from Piedmont. It is an invitation to explore its diversity and get to know its personality. From both young and older vines, it is a delicately complex fruity wine: an ideal companion at the table.

When you see it growing in the vineyards, you immediately understand the exceptional interaction between man and his natural environment. A perfect culmination in the long and slow evolution of winemaking skills.

We would really like to invite you to see how the vines have adapted to soils with specific pedoclimatic components, which have gradually become - for us - a real reference point. Almost an archetype.

The Langhe Rosso that is born here has a deep ruby red colour, with light garnet reflections. One immediately notices how the aroma is rich, varied, with spicy aromas as much as blackberry and black cherry. Secondly, the taste is opulent with sweet, soft tannins. Which express the longevity of this wine and its class.

In conclusion, it is full-bodied and well-balanced on the palate, as balanced are its tannins. Therefore, pleasantly persistent.